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Dr. Leakey

David AndersonDavid Anderson is the founder and president of David Anderson Safari Consultants. He has spent the past twenty years promoting ecotourism to Africa. Seeing a decline in tourism after the 1991 Persian Golf war, he organized the first Focus on Africa project and in 1993, 136, mostly amateur, photographers traveled to Africa to capture the magic of Africa on film. His first book, Focus on Africa : Wildlife, Conservation, and Man featured 554 images from the project and addressed the role that ecotourism plays in conservation and community development. In 2004, he recruited 142 photographers to travel to Africa to capture more images to be used to promote responsible and sustainable ecotourism in East and Southern Africa. Many of these images were used to create a new kind of travel guidebook, On Safari. The Focus on Africa: Wildlife, Conservation, and Man presentation will begin with a short visual presentation of the natural wonders of East and Southern Africa.

While David’s home is Santa Barbara, he travels to Africa frequently to continue his quest for knowledge, adventure, and photographic opportunities. To date, he has experienced 80 safaris.