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The Sixth Extinction and The Next Evolution

Creating a Sustainable Future for All Life on Earth

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The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is pleased to present The Sixth Extinction and The Next Evolution, a 90-minute multi-media presentation with world renowned paleoanthropologist, conservationist, and environmental activist, Dr. Richard Leakey. The world’s scientists and governments are now in agreement that the extinction crisis is as bad as the worst projections. Author of The Sixth Extinction, Dr. Leakey will talk about human impact on the environment and the future of life on Earth including the 7 billion Homo sapiens inhabiting our planet. The evening presentation will give you a new perspective as to the health of the planet and how we arrived at this place in human history.

Dr. Leakey will also talk about what The Next Evolution might look like following the Sixth Extinction based on the different choices we humans make over the next few years.